ElteraMed – Eltera Report #1/2019

During the cold period, we put together a medical team and went to two villages in Brasov County: Maierus and Arini. We offered medical consultations and treatment to 52 children, between 8 months and 15 years of age.

Our doctors showed much care and dedication towards the little patients. They have all walked a long way to get to us. Many children had bad colds and some of them also had other health issues that will need farther assistance. 

We had a colouring and activity corner for the children waiting for their turn. And tea and cookies for their parents. At the end of their medical check-up, the children got toys, hats, gloves, and socks. 

As a result of our medical clinic, other doctors from Brasov offered to be involved in future medical projects. We would like to go to different areas where there are no medical clinics in the village and the parents can not afford medical treatment for their children.

Our volunteers were amazing. They smiled at the children, listened to them and gave them good advice. 

Luca (9)  is one of our patients we met in Maierus. He would like to go to school one day. He needs surgery on both of his eyes, and we already found a doctor that is going to perform that on him, free of charge. 

All these children live in sheer poverty. Most of them don’t attend school. The small ones have not even been registered in kindergarten. 

Sara is a teenager from Arini. She would have liked to go to school, but she quit in 8th grade. She was the only girl from her village attending school. Everyone else dropped out, so she decided to stay at home and help her mom watching her little siblings. She met us at the medical clinic and she said she would like to continue her studies, even if she will be the only one from her village. She would like to be a part of our medical team in the future. 

While we were in Maierus, mothers walked from the nearby village to come to see our doctors. They had to carry their small children. Some of them ran a high fever. 

We initiated this medical campaign in order to prevent or help their medical problems, and also to identify their social situation. Right now we are working on putting together a larger team of medical staff. We also hope to establish educational support centres and assist the children in this matter. We would like to see all the children in Maierus and Arini attend school in September. 

Wishing you best of health,

Caty Roos