A Pencil for Romania – Eltera Report #1/2018

The children from the villages around Brașov, are struggling to attend school regularly. In the schools we’ve been visiting, we found out that only 50% of the registered children, attend school. After visiting the school, we went house to house to find the children. Sadly, there are also children that have never been registered in school. 

During one of our visits, it was minus 20Celcius outside. Some children were sick at home. Other children didn’t have winter shoes or clothes, so they also didn’t go to school. One evening before, we had put together pots, lemons, honey and tea bags, and handed them out the next day when we were there. 

In the classrooms, we rewarded the children that attend school regularly, by giving them story books and school supplies.

Then, we went to visit the children that were not at school and we also talked to their parents. 

Adela, her sisters and her brother were at home that day. It often happens that they skip school. Their mother has never attended school and she finds it difficult to get the children ready to go to school every morning, again and again. She starts working at the farm early in the morning and lets the children sleep in. 

For children like them, we’ve initiated the program “A Pencil for Romania”. This program is meant to help children attend school regularly.

We provide shoes, clothing, school bags and school supplies.

We also work together with the teachers from these school.

We’ve signed collaboration contracts with two schools from Brasov county and we hope to extend our program in the near future.

Caty Roos
President – Eltera Association