Harvest in the garden – Eltera Report #1/2021

In the autumn we enjoyed the harvest in the garden. Grandma Mihaela opened her doors to all the children in the neighborhood. We prepared food outside in the yard on the wood stove, potatoes and “big cucumber”, which is also known as zucchini. The children entered the yard and they stood in line as Grandma Mihaela put a plate in their hands. “Here, have something to eat.” Their eyes sparkled with joy and with a smile they walked carefully so that they didn’t drop their food and sat down on the floor and found a place next to the other children. That’s how the children in Africa used to sit.

Grandma Mihaela knew them all by name. “Come and join us! I think this child hasn’t eaten since yesterday,” she assured me that the most hungry children in the village were there with us.