The office opening

We’ve talked about Eltera’s projects at the office opening in Ghimbav. We would like to support children that are in difficulty and invest in their development. It could be that our smiles and gifts are the only generosity lessons these children will ever learn. 

Eltera is a book. And we, the volunteers, write a page every day. Most of our children don’t know how to read yet, but we hope they can read our example.

Alex is one of our super heroes volunteers. He puts a lot of his limited free time and uses his amazing abilities to give a chance to hopeless children. 

If it weren’t for Alex, Bianca and her family would not have a new and nicely equipped home now. 

Alex has also taken on the Budila school where he coordinates the “A Pencil for Romania” program for the second grade where Gabi is also a student. 

Amalia and Andreea have important jobs in a multinational company. When they are with us, they put on work outfits and take on any challenge: they recondition chairs, assemble furniture and do interior designing. 

Claudiu is the boss at work. But, when he works with us he gets on the floor with the children and shows them how each piece of wood needs to be assembled to make a bed or a wardrobe. 

We try to build every day, brick by brick, the broken future of precious children.