Summer Camp – Eltera Report #2/2019

Once school ended, we took them to Camp. It was their first camp and the joy they had is hard to be described. Every child had his own bed and every room had a bathroom. None of our children has such comfort at home. 

We served three meals per day and at least one snack. The food was prepared by wonderful people that dedicated one day to serve gypsy and farm children. We had managers, engineers, people in high positions being willing to prepare with love, delicious meals for our children, with love and garlic, lots of garlic. 

Our volunteers came from CRH, DSSMITH and DEXION, prepared to also play games with the little ones. They all brought books, smiles and hugs.

CRH Day with Monica and Dan Nitu, Amalia Popescu, Denisa Hanco and Ibolya Stroie.

DSSmith Day with Remus Craciun, Chef Mugur Tureschi and Sous Chef Ion Jantovan.

Dexion Day with Alice Stanescu, Georgeta Gridan, Claudia Dobre, Dan Dita and Marian Ionita.


Caty Roos